"You Can Call Me Al"

"At least three Al McGuire books have made their way into print since the inimitable basketball coach-turned-broadcaster died in January 2001. That doesn't include "You Can Call Me Al," a 1999 biography by Arlington Heights writer Joe Moran that's the best and most thorough of the bunch."

Dan McGrath

Former Sports Editor, Chicago Tribune

"This book does a good job of capturing 'the Fox' through the eyes of others. Moran was relentless in his pursuit of those who knew McGuire and the result is a fascinating portrayal of a fascinating man."

Mike Kupper

Los Angeles Times

"Joseph Moran's biography of McGuire, 'You Can Call Me Al," was not only a labor of love, it was a labor of perseverance. Moran, a 1980 Marquette graduate, first approached McGuire about doing an autobiography in 1989, as others had before. Initially the coach sounded interested, but then he pulled back. Moran, however, kept pushing. In 1994, he received a phone call from McGuire, who wanted to visit. The coach said he would be willing to help, but he didn't want to take the time necessary to do an autobiography. He said, "'It's your book, it's your baby. Go ahead and talk to whoever you want,'" Moran said. Moran conducted dozens of interviews. The portrait is complete and it received McGuire's stamp of approval. "You know how he is, Moran said. He said, 'The book is a lot better than I thought it would be.'"

Ed Sherman

Chicago Tribune

"A few more than 300 pages seemed to be too few to cover the life and times of Al McGuire. Joseph Declan Moran, a 1980 Marquette graduate, did what in McGuire-ese is a 'blue chip' job (translation: terrific) in 'You Can Call Me Al.'"

Jerry Karpowicz

Racine Journal-Times

"McGuire gave author Joe Moran a free hand, which has led to gut-splitting anecdotes and comments that would be held in contempt by today's political correctness police."

Craig Handel

Fort Myers (Florida) News-Press

"You Can Call Me Al" COMMENTS

"Your book on Al is great. I learned a lot about Al and I thought I knew him. Al is different, unusual but a great man. You portrayed Al as a great coach, but I liked the stories about him as a man. He stands up for what he believes. During his career he helped a lot of people. His coaching record is outstanding. He did it his way. I never could do half the things he did. I never left the team or missed a practice. He has a way with people and he handles them very well. You did a great job of letting people know Al."

Ray Meyer

Late basketball coach, DePaul University

"Goin' Uptown"

"Thank you for the outstanding job you did on your book "Goin' Uptown."
It is a must-read for all the Marquette fans around the country and the Al McGuire and Tom Crean fans.
In fact, any basketball fan should take the time to enjoy this read."

Jack Harbaugh

Former Associate Athletic Director, Marquette University

"You have produced a terrific piece. It reads well, is exciting and the pace is quick.
An ideal recounting of wonderful times and two wonderful men, Al and Tom."

John Fedders

Former Marquette Player

"You did a remarkable job, and I enjoyed your work very much."

Jay Bilas

ESPN basketball analyst

"You did a good job (both Al McGuire and Coach Crean would be proud!)"

Lesley Visser

CBS Sports